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Lone Star 811 Administrative Offices

515 N. Sam Houston Parkway East

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Houston, Texas 77060

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Brian Simmons

General Manager

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 6



Teandra Crawford

Call Center Supervisor

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 1



Darla Hoffpauir

Online Products Administrator

ITIC - Internet Ticketing

LTM - Locator Ticket Manager

ETM - Excavator Ticket Manager

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 2



Michelle Reed

GIS and Utility Database Administrator

IMAP - Internet Utility Database Management

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 7



Greg Morganfield

Damage Prevention Coordinator

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 5



Joshua Rungee

Damage Prevention Coordinator

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 3



Brian Tooley

Damage Prevention Manager

(713) 432 - 0365  Ext. 8



Before You Call: The Basics

Gather Information


Tell us about your Job site. We will need to know:

  • Specific location address and description of the work site
  • How long the excavation will take to complete
  • Nearest intersecting roadway to the work site
  • Distance and direction from the nearest intersection to the work site
  • Specific information regarding the size of your work area
  • Advise the one-call operator if explosives will be used
  • We can accept GPS coordinates in addition to the information previously listed.


Making The Call


Call us directly, 48 hours before you dig* by simply dialing 811.

*excluding Holidays and Weekends


Record the locate request number provided by the one-call operator.


It is your proof of the call and may be requested by an enforcement agency.

Your locate request number will also be available on Search & Status.

Wait for the site to be marked, observe the marks and dig with care.

Our service is free.

We Notify Utility Member Companies

Lone Star 811 will tell you which of our members will be notified about your excavation. In addition, we will notify the other call center in Texas so they can notify their member companies.

Utilities Mark The Lines

Notified Utilities will mark their underground lines, as they determine necessary, and you will be able to work safely. Remember, not all utilities are One Call members. You should call non-member utility operators directly.

The One Call Board of Texas

For offical information regarding Laws, Practices, FAQ's, and other dig-related resources for the State of Texas, visit the offical website of the One Call Board of Texas HERE.

Holidays Observed

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